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  1. I want to congratulate you for writing a very honest story, not everyone can do that. I might not agree with you on everything, but I can see why you did what you did.
    And about the reactions to your piece, I am sorry that so many people (want to) see things in clear black or white. You must have saw it coming. I did.
    Good luck.

  2. I read your recent article “Why I left India (again)” which brought me to this site hoping to read more of your blogs. I hope all this attention (not all positive I know) encourages you to write more..

    – Sushanth

  3. I celebrated my 51st birthday during a 9 days visit to India in April — my first visit to a “developing” country. I grew up in Seattle and I have visited many Western European countries, New Zealand, and Japan.

    I didn’t experience the caste and class system as intensely as you did, but there were hints of it everywhere. When I got back, people asked me if I enjoyed my trip to India. I said it was a thought-provoking experience…but not “enjoyable”: avoiding tap water and fresh produce, observing the grinding poverty, the guarded communities, the rubbish everywhere, and the light-skinned models in advertising, reading about the (government) corruption in the daily newspapers.

    Thank you for sharing your perspective.

  4. Your NYT piece was honest and so true. It made me a little teary, too, because this is the India some (a lot) of us are struggling against. We live here, in complete denial, surrounded by filth, corruption and desecration of our natural heritage. I never thought about caste until I moved to Goa and now it stares me in the face every single day. Grumble about any of this and the standard reply is, “What are you doing about it, then?”

    I’m doing more than my share, but it bugs me that I have to even think about this while attempting to have some sort of a decent, respectful and clean life for myself and my family.

    Would love to see more of your writing.


  5. Loved your article ‘Why I left India again’ – very relatable and written amazingly well: your style allowed (rather forced) me to introspect. A very gentle yet meaningful article. Pl keep publishing your work (and make fb page on it!)

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